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If you are without agency representation it is more difficult to attend certain modelling auditions.

We encourage all models to look for and aim to be represented by as many modelling agencies as possible.

Modelling agencies are there to represent YOU.
Extensive research has shown the common feature in almost all agency scams is upfront fees.
Never pay a fee to join an agency.
Never just fill in a form on a website to sign up.
Pick up the phone and speak to a human.

If a talent scout in the street approaches you, do not give your details then and there.
Instead, tell them that you need time to think about it, take their details and do some research on them.
if you are satisfied that you are dealing with a legitimate agency, get back to them, stay in control.

If an agency seems to issue guarantees of paid work, challenge them on it.
Nobody can guarantee your success.
Research thoroughly who you are about to get involved with and do not get pressured into anything until you are 100% satisfied that you are not being scammed.

IMAGE 1ST® recommends the following modelling agencies.

Model Portfolio Professsional in London with Makeover and Photoshoot

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How important is it for you to succeed? These days it's really important to stand out from the crowd. 

A MODELLING PORTFOLIO created with the help of the IMAGE1 ST team can help you boost your confidence and get you the MODELLING PHOTO SHOOT that will help you forward your FASHION MODELLING career.

Give us a call today to discuss your MODEL PORTFOLIO requirements. 

We're also THE BEST MAKEOVER PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE in the UK. Unlike so many PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIOS IN LONDON, we never hard sell our images. In fact our prices are upfront for you to see and your comfort is our priority. After your makeover photo shoot experience you get to take away all the images and even have a few airbrushed. The MAKEOVER PHOTOSHOOT EXPERIENCE is ideal for gifts and we can personalise gift certificates and dispatch them within 72 hours.

Feel free to call the team today for more information. 



Ever wanted to try your luck with a modelling career? You don’t need a model portfolio to get agency approval, you can just walk into an agency and ask them for advice, however, we recommend that if you’ve never been in front of a camera before, then it's probably best to get a shoot under your belt first. Create a portfolio, and then visit as many modelling agencies as possible, looking professional will not hurt your chances, and a great first impression could be the difference between success and failure.
A model portfolio photoshoot at IMAGE 1ST starts with a telephone call, we will discuss what will work for you and what outfits you should bring. On arrival our hair and make-up artist will make sure you look camera ready, then our photographers in London will guide you to your changing room. We provide lots of guidance during your model portfolio photo shoot and at the end of the session you get to see the results. On the day we offer an opportunity to purchase a full printed portfolio, ask a member of the team for more details.