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If you are without agency representation it is more difficult to attend certain dance auditions.

We encourage all dancers to look for and aim to be represented by as many dance agencies as possible.

Dance agencies are there to represent YOU.
Extensive research has shown the common feature in almost all agency scams is upfront fees.
Never pay a fee to join an agency.
Never just fill in a form on a website to sign up.
Pick up the phone and speak to a human.

If a talent scout in the street approaches you, do not give your details then and there. Instead, tell them that you need time to think about it, take their details and do some research on them. If you are satisfied that you are dealing with a legitimate agency, get back to them, stay in control.

If an agency seems to issue guarantees of paid work, challenge them on it. Nobody can guarantee your success. Research thoroughly who you are about to get involved with and do not get pressured into anything until you are 100% satisfied that you are not being scammed.

IMAGE 1ST® recommends the following Dance agencies.

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Photoshoot For Dance Professionals and Contemporary Dancers With The IMAGE 1ST Team

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If you're a PROFESSIONAL DANCER or new to DANCE , then a DANCE PHOTOSHOOT will get you the necessary tools to kickstart your DANCE career.

As you can see from our gallery, we have worked with the likes of Arlene Phillips, Pineapple Dance and Strictly Come Dancing to name a few. Our DANCE PHOTOSHOOTS are regarded as one of the best in LONDON. We want you to shop with confidence, this is why we are the only PHOTOGRAPHY STUDIO FOR DANCERS that come with no hidden charges, ever!

Call us NOW to discuss your DANCE PORTFOLIO PHOTO SHOOT.


A great dance photoshoot portfolio acts as your most important link between failure and success. When you approach a dance agency they will consider if you have the skills to join the agency, it is their job to find you work. However, they can't find you work if you don't present them with some quality images, you see they use these images to represent you, a great first impression could turn into a really positive outcome and improve your chances of getting a job.
At IMAGE 1ST, we specilaise in photoshoots for dancers. We have been photographing dancers for over 10 years and we know what works best. Your session starts in hair and make up, you will then be taken to your own private changing room where we can help you choose the outfits that will compliment you most, so feel free to pack your case with anything you want. If you’d like to create a look book of ideas, simply visit one of the dance agency websites listed above for inspiration.