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Assuming you have recorded some great material, the following tips compliment all the hard work you've dedicated in the studio.

  1. Before your musicians photoshoot in London, think about iconic outfits. Fashion and music have always gone hand in hand, so do your research and be original.
  2. Create your own website. When you do this, you can link to your other sites and vice versa, so you can gain maximum exposure and increase your web traffic.
  3. Put your digital tracks on music networking sites, there are loads of them out there and most are free. Making your own songs and creating covers you can call your own, helps you get noticed by a wider audience.
  4. Create your own EPK (electronic press kit) easily, there are scores of tips on the net on how to create your own press kit what to put in and leave out and who to send it to. There are lots of free information sites with loads of tips.
  5. Merchandise & Branding. Merchandising goes a long way towards your band promotion, badges, hats, t-shirts, stickers, freebie CD's, these are all worth it and you can also sell your stuff at gigs. Branding helps keep the image in people's minds, a great logo really adds flavour to your form of art.

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Here's a good tip. Before you book your PROFESSIONAL PHOTOSHOOT FOR SINGERS & MUSICIANS, I want you to consider your styling. 

Fashion and Music have always gone hand in hand.

You just need to look at Michael Jackson, Madonna and Lady GaGa for inspiration. Even those stripy sunglasses Kanye West wears, what they all have in common is that they are creating a signature look for their fans to copy. When fans copy you then you know you've arrived!

Our PHOTOSHOOTS are ideal for MUSICIANS, SINGERS, BANDS and GROUPS. We are a trusted studio, trusted by the likes of JLS, Pete Waterman and many more.

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We support unsigned music, singers and artists at IMAGE 1ST photoshoots. Depending on your requirements, we try to help keep the costs down for you by allowing you to pick a package from our price page and not counting it as a commercial photoshoot. This saves you on the commercial copyright fee which we charge record labels and artists that use images to generate an income as part and parcel of putting together a music product.
Give the music photoshoot team in London a call today to discuss your project further.
You may want to invest in a stylist prior to your photoshoot for singers. They will get you wearing items out of your comfort zone and help you stand out from the crowd. If you're on a budget, research artists of all kinds and gather inspiration from what they are wearing, head into town and try and create a look that compliments your musical style. We have a steamer at the photography studio in London once we get the hair and make-up part completed, we can look through your outfits and make sure they are crisp before walking onto set.