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IMAGE 1ST Photoshoots & Professional Airbrushing/Retouching Services

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Photo retouching, airbrushing, image restoration and digital airbrushing are what we excel in. Our job is to polish a good photoshoot and transform the images to publication standard. Photo retouching/airbrushing is not only amazing for enhancing your features but is also a very useful discipline used to colour correct photos as well as prepare your photographs for graphic designers that may bring your images to life in the form of publicity material.

We use the very latest equipment to do photo airbrushing/retouching at IMAGE 1ST photoshoots in London. (Oh, and we mean the VERY latest - Doren only just got the bill!) You can review your images with us on the day to work out if you want any corrections making to them, and if there are - just let us know. (And if there aren't, Grrrr. You're one lucky human being that we may just have to hate!). We encourage people of all shapes and sizes to be themselves, airbrushing doesn't have to be about changing your body shape, as you can see from our skin retouching section, we work hard to compliment the original photoshoot by colour correcting and maximising on your original look.
Design is where the cool stuff happens, and this is when we get excited! There's something really special about seeing your image being transformed into a digital masterpiece - we just love taking your photos from your photoshoot in London and turning them into products that will help you promote yourself. Each job is varied and this will reflect the price, feel free to call us anytime to discuss your digital art project, our number is 020 7250 1313.