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So what does IMAGE 1ST give you that no other photography studio in London offer? Well, our professional makeover photographers are amazing, they are our selling point, you simply can't clone the passion they have for a quality photoshoot makeover in London. We don't expect everyone walking into our photography studio to look like Kate Moss, we will guide you through your outfits and poses, you have nothing to worry about. The photoshoot team bring a variety of skills to the table, Doren's background in design and photography, along with talented make up artists and photographers will ensure you leave with the best portfolio of images or LinkedIn headshot in London.

AIM HIGH On July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong became the first human to step onto the surface of the moon, but it wasn't until 1986 when I was old enough to understand the true nature of this magical adventure.
On my 10th birthday my dad gave me my first camera, it was a Fujicolor QuickSnap, I aimed it high and took snaps of the moon, that was the first picture I ever took.
I thought if I focused hard enough I could catch Neil Armstrong bouncing around on the lunar surface, and maybe he would give me a wave if I stood still long enough for him to see me.
Years later when I was out of work and with no real prospects for my future, I came across my printed image of the moon, the quality was terrible, but it was a light bulb moment for me.
I started getting inspired by man's ability to reach for the stars, I admired people like Richard Branson and his ability to brand and market his businesses. I thought if I could just make enough money to feed myself for one day, then I could repeat that success another day.
My intention was never to aim too high, I wanted to be realistic and my goal was to pace myself, that is what Aim High is all about, it's about inspiring anyone that is interested in starting a business, and giving them the tools to make the first move. I want to give you enough education to motivate you to make your start, the start is the hardest part, once you're off, the possibilities are endless.
In 2002 I purchased a rusty white van for £500, I turned it into a mobile photography studio and my mission statement was to aim for the ceiling, keeping a roof above my head was my first priority. Aim High.